[keeping cool]

24 01 2016

keeping cool
in the dairy fridge
stock the milk

Gray skies

11 05 2015


gray skies
cloud a sunny disposition-
gentle pink

My Final Word

14 01 2014

Well, at least for this blog.

Thank you all for having a look see and what I have have written, this is the last entry for this blog.
All of the entries here have been moved to my other blog http://johncommunicates.wordpress.com/

where I also post my poetry, rants, raves and general silly stuff.

I will be continuing the story of my life in the navy there as well

Cheers and hope to see you all there

OSQAB – Monday Morning

26 08 2013

In civilian speak – the course to teach you how to be a sailor

After being released from CFB Cornwallis, I was sent to CFB Naden, on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I thought I was all good to go, put me on a boat – that was my first error, I said boat to a chief and was given a very passionate description of just how ignorant I really was, they are ships- and I am good to go. Apparently not. First I had to learn exactly what a ship was, how it was designed, how it operated, how it was cleaned (daily and on my hands and knees), how not to cause the ship to self destruct, and, and, and…….

Monday morning, I marched my way to the Seaman ship division and was screamed at for walking across the parade square by the division chief. I still avoid walking across that patch of black top. I finally get myself to where I was supposed to be and get yelled at for being late to class. I tried to explain that I had just been detained by some chief and it was his fault and yadda yadda yadda when all of a sudden that chief walks into our classroom to give his lesson about parade square etiquette. He took one look at me and decided that the adage of if you teach it, you will learn it applied here.

I spent the better part of 20 minutes in front of my classmates explaining exactly where the bounds of the parade square were and exactly how many chiefs had windows facing said boundaries. The other point I had the pleasure to hammer home was when you saluted the Ensign and exactly how to execute said salute.

That was a very long 20 minutes but by the end of it, I was an expert.

And that was Monday Morning, day one of OSQAB




First ride

17 08 2013

Well, my first “long” bike ride is half done. Just over 25km in 53 minutes. Not too shabby for an out of shape 48year old. My initial desire was to go to Forks, Washington State. Only 60 miles through very sparely populated state park. Hmmm maybe a bit optimistic for a first trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Under the Dome

10 07 2013

Well, the Masters of the Story have struck again.

Steven King and Steve Spielberg have produced an amazing show to captivate us while the summer rerun syndrome crashes over us.

Small town USA looks to be just north of the bible belt. Peaceful, good clean folk, everything is cool here. From the look of what I have seen so far, there are about 3000 people living here. All is happy and good until one day the DOME drops down and let me tell you it was done beautifully. Watching a pink cloud envelope a cow as it was bisected by the descending DOME was very cool.So far,I would recommend this to anyone.

While I could go on at length about the story line, the characters and the numerous sub plots, what has struck me about this show is the  look at what one small group of people would do in an unexpected and unprecedented situation.  Only three episodes have been aired so far, covering what appears to be 3 days of real time for the town. In this three days a lot has happened and the look at “Well, what would you do if” is fascinating.

So far there has been one major crisis – a fire caused by one of the main characters attempting to hide a crime he is complaisant in. The hero steps up (someone from somewhere else with a dark and mysterious past) and take charge. All hands step up to the plate and form a bucket brigade from someones’ outdoor pool to the burning building. Meanwhile, the towns only elected council member , someone who is also complaisant in the as of yet undefined crime, runs away. The fire is fought bravely by the bucket brigade until the council member shows up in a bulldozer. He risks his life to knock the fire down and save the day – and ensuring that all evidence of his crime is destroyed.

domeThe next big crisis is just around the corner when people realize that din din is getting harder to find. The dark hero has already made reference to that by buying a couple of decks of smokes. “just wait till the supply runs out” he says, “these things will be like gold.” What are the people of the town going to do when the food shelves at the store empty? What would you do when faced with starvation, or faced with watching your family starve while someone else is still eating behind closed doors.

Under The Dome, a great show so far. Well, what do you think they will do? What would YOU do?

In The Navy

9 07 2013

<<please, no renditions of the Village People>>

So there I was, all shiny faced and newly ordained into the ranks of the Royal Canadian Navy. It was Dec 21, 1987 and I was standing at the train station, waiting for a train to take me and a winger to CFB Statacona so I could be shipped out to the airport where I would meet up with everyone else in my grad class. They all got to be bussed, I had to wait….. hmm, I wonder who did I piss off?

10 weeks done, only 1030 to go for my pension.  Boy oh Boy time was just flying.

Speaking of flying, I finally got onto a plane to take me to Victoria and CFB Naden. After a 6 hour flight, I finally got off the plane, got my bag, got in a cab and was standing at the accommodation desk, looking for a room. As it turns out they weren’t expecting me. I would like to believe I should have been surprised but by that early point in my career I was sure that if it made sense, it would not be. After the very bored looking corporal send me down to the transient quarters, I was allowed to make a bunk bed, throw all of my stuff in a locker and become a free man until 0730 Monday morning. As it was 5pm on Friday night, I had a pretty good idea exactly how I was going to spend my weekend.

There was a sweet lady waiting to cook me a home made meal – read into that it was going to have a flavour other than greasy and I wasn’t needing to shovel it into my face. Time for another cab ride.  I found the new place I was going to call home and the lady I was going to have beside me for the rest of my days about 10 minutes later. I walked into the apartment and after I had peeled the wonderful lady off of me, I was hit in the face by the smell. I was clobbered by the smell. It was so wonderful I started to drool. I was shown to a table that I had to share with only one other person and I was fed the best meal I had eaten in a long long time.

The rest of that first weekend will not be discussed

Sunday night of that weekend rolled around and I reluctantly left my home and went back to Nelles Block, the house of a thousand slamming doors and got myself ready for Monday morning and my OSQAB course (how to be a sailor in 6 short weeks). I gave my boots a bit of  polish, got my uniforms nicely pressed and got myself tucked into bed, to be ready for my next great adventure.

And that will be the next chapter of this saga