13 09 2017

This is going to be a very cool event

Red Umbrella Theatre

Auditions will be held on September 15th between 6-11 pm at the Fisgard St Forum.

They will be open auditions and held in a group audition format.

Sign up is now open!

There will be 10 spots available in each time slot.

Time slots are as follows:






Please email us with your time slot preference as well as your contact info and audition form.

Red Umbrella Theatre 2017 Festival Audition Form

Again if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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28 08 2017

never demanded-

My fellow white Americans.

14 08 2017

Source: My fellow white Americans.

[keeping cool]

24 01 2016

keeping cool
in the dairy fridge
stock the milk

Gray skies

11 05 2015


gray skies
cloud a sunny disposition-
gentle pink

My Final Word

14 01 2014

Well, at least for this blog.

Thank you all for having a look see and what I have have written, this is the last entry for this blog.
All of the entries here have been moved to my other blog

where I also post my poetry, rants, raves and general silly stuff.

I will be continuing the story of my life in the navy there as well

Cheers and hope to see you all there

OSQAB – Monday Morning

26 08 2013

In civilian speak – the course to teach you how to be a sailor

After being released from CFB Cornwallis, I was sent to CFB Naden, on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I thought I was all good to go, put me on a boat – that was my first error, I said boat to a chief and was given a very passionate description of just how ignorant I really was, they are ships- and I am good to go. Apparently not. First I had to learn exactly what a ship was, how it was designed, how it operated, how it was cleaned (daily and on my hands and knees), how not to cause the ship to self destruct, and, and, and…….

Monday morning, I marched my way to the Seaman ship division and was screamed at for walking across the parade square by the division chief. I still avoid walking across that patch of black top. I finally get myself to where I was supposed to be and get yelled at for being late to class. I tried to explain that I had just been detained by some chief and it was his fault and yadda yadda yadda when all of a sudden that chief walks into our classroom to give his lesson about parade square etiquette. He took one look at me and decided that the adage of if you teach it, you will learn it applied here.

I spent the better part of 20 minutes in front of my classmates explaining exactly where the bounds of the parade square were and exactly how many chiefs had windows facing said boundaries. The other point I had the pleasure to hammer home was when you saluted the Ensign and exactly how to execute said salute.

That was a very long 20 minutes but by the end of it, I was an expert.

And that was Monday Morning, day one of OSQAB